Wheel Alignment Cost

Low cost wheel alignment is a great service offered by the tire stores and as a result, you get more value when you walk out of their door. The cost involved in wheel alignment should be less than the cost involved in other car repairs, which arise from not performing this easy and regular maintenance task on your car. This regular activity also promotes a longer life for your tires and there is less need to perform tire replacement. Your suspension system also is enhanced with this timely maintenance activity.

Why Perform Wheel Alignment?

The rotation services, along with wheel alignment, are significant to the increased life of the tires and increased fuel economy. In order to get the best out of your tires there are two critical things you need: one is to keep them inflated as instructed by the car maker and second is to get your wheel alignment checked and performed, if required, twice a year. Car tires that are under- inflated by 20% than required will definitely reduce the fuel economy of your vehicle by at least 10%. It also reduces the tread life of the tires by about 15%. If your car is not correctly aligned the fuel economy will go down by another 5%. These things add up to about 15% less fuel mileage from the gas that you have put in your car. In addition, there will be a need to replace the tires more frequently, as they will wear out far more quickly.

Getting help from Tire Stores for Wheel Alignment

You can get help from the ASE certified technicians to reduce the wheel alignment costs. They are trained to use the latest equipment for a computerized wheel alignment. Your car is set into an apparatus with all four wheels parallel and with the steering wheel centered. Every wheel is attached to sensors and the data collected via these sensors is fed into a computer system, which in turn, informs the technician about the adjustments that are required. This four-wheel alignment will help increase the life of your car’s steering system, tires and suspensions. Once the tires are properly aligned, you will find your car handling better and with much improved fuel efficiency.

Wheel Alignment Cost

Many people are worried about the wheel alignment cost done through professionals, but there are some stores that offer free wheel alignment checks and will tell you if you are indeed in need of a wheel alignment and the consequent wheel alignment cost that you will incur. It is a good idea to have a checkup done after every 12,000 miles or after 12 months to decide whether you are in need of the wheel alignment. This will ensure a better performance out of the car.

The alignment comes in two forms: four wheel and two wheel alignments. The front-end alignments or two wheel alignments normally cost between $40 and $65 and the four-wheel alignments are available for $50 to $95. These costs, however, will vary with the shop and the equipment being used. You will find that most repair shops run periodic specials and have coupons offered to keep the wheel alignment cost under control. Heavier vehicles such as vans need additional costs sometime, so be aware of the price before getting the work done.